audEERING CEO featured in Spiegel article on emotions

voiceSpiegel Online has featured audEERING CEO Prof. Björn Schuller in an article on the role of the human voice in conveying emotions. Prof. Schuller explains applications of automatic voice analysis for early detection of autism and other developmental disorders. The article further highlights a study published in the American Psychologist, saying that humans recognize each others emotions better if they only listen to the voice and do not see their conversational partners. For humans it is far more difficult to fake or hide emotions in voice than to control facial expressions. Hence, vocal characteristics are a more reliable indicator of human emotions. Also for the human brain it is easier to concentrate on only one modality than to process parallel input from both auditory and visual channels. This highlights that voice is the most important modality for automatic emotion classification and that in many cases visual information might even be misleading.

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