audEERING cooperates with Spitch on call center emotion analysis


The competence and professionalism of call center service agents is an important precondition for customer satisfaction. Systematically training call center agents requires an automatic analysis of various conversation parameters, like the predominant atmosphere during the call. Together with the Swiss company Spitch, a leading provider of solutions for automatic speech recognition (ASR), voice user interfaces (VOI), and speech analytics, audEERING is integrating new technologies for automatic recognition of emotions in call center environments to allow for personalized training of service agents and improvement of service quality in call centers.

For calibrating of the recognition software with respect to the service call domain, real call center audio recordings are used and labeled by experts in order to “teach” the software extracting emotions in a learning phase. The labeling of speech recordings is performed by the innovative crowdsourcing technology applied within the iHEARu-PLAY platform, which was developed by audEERING in cooperation with the University of Passau. iHEARu-PLAY is a platform allowing its users to assign emotions to recordings via the internet.

Read the official press release here.

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