audEERING reveals emotional nuances of YouTube stars

youtubeIn a recent Digital Marketing Magazine article, audEERING CEO Prof. Björn Schuller reveals the emotional nuances of the biggest YouTube stars: According to studies by audEERING, the reason that some channels gain significantly more views than others is less down to the content of the video and more about the nuances of how they are presented. By truly listening to what is being said, including the tone and context found between the simple lines of speech, businesses and channel owners can predict which videos will be ignored and which will become top of the viral charts.

In our experience, videos containing strong emotions on one side of the scale or the other – such as excitement, enthusiasm, fear or disgust – have more potential to reach a large audience than videos that contain emotions such as panic or boredom. Having a video that is based on strong positive or negative emotions means that it will garner the most social interaction through comments and sharing.

In the future, business and YouTubers should run an automatic emotion classifier on their videos prior to uploading them. By applying automatic emotion recognition, YouTubers will be able to ascertain how positively the video is likely to be perceived by the audience and how much potential it has to turn viral. This way, they can maintain the brand of the channel they are trying to purvey and ensure that they are expending energy and marketing dollars in the right areas.

The full article can be found here.

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