audEERING-sponsored ComParE challenge is open now!


audEERING is sponsoring this year’s Interspeech ComParE challenge which is open now. Audio research teams from all over the world are encouraged to apply their feature extraction and machine learning algorithms on standardized data sets which are provided by the challenge organizers. This year’s challenge will comprise four sub-challennges: In the Atypical Affect Sub-Challenge, emotion of disabled speakers is to be recognized, in the Self-Assessed Affect Sub-Challenge, self-assessed affect shall be determined, in the Crying Sub-Challenge, mood-related types of infant vocalization have to be classified, and in the Heart Beats Sub-Challenge, types of Heart Beat Sounds need to be distinguished. Participants will present their results at Interspeech 2018, which will take place in Hyderabad, Telangana, India from September 2 to 6. Click here, to learn more!

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