How emotional are the Austrian chancellor candidates?

In human communication, emotion is an important factor – especially when it comes to convincing people in a policital debate. Applying its real-time automatic emotion recognition engine, audEERING has analyzed a political debate between the Austrian chancellor candidates for the upcoming elections on October 15th 2017. Emotions and speaker states of the candidates Sebastian Kurz, Christian Kern, and Heinz-Christian Strache were measured during the whole debate. The following emotional states were considered and averaged over time: disappointment, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, dejection, and interest. In addition, the emotional dimensions “arousal” and “valence” were continuously measured. According to audEERING’s analysis, Sebastian Kurz shows the most positive emotions and his affective states are comparably equally distributed in the valence-arousal space, while Christian Kern tends towards rather negative emotional states. Among all candidates, highest arousal values were measured for Heinz-Christian Strache. Watch the video and convince yourself!

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