PC Mag sees audEERING’s Emotion AI as key tech for tomorrow’s VPAs

pcmagPC Mag UK has published an article on how Emotion AI offered by vendors such as audEERING will add emotional intelligence to tomorrow’s virtual personal assistants (VPAs). The article predicts that by 2022, voice assistants by Amazon, Apple, and Google will be equipped with audio and video analysis technology which allows to infer the user’s emotional state and might even detect if someone is in love. audEERING is named as one of three key providers of such technology. The article cites Annette Zimmermann who is vice president of Gartner Research and suggests companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft “add Emotion AI to [their] conversational system via computer vision or audio technology by using ready APIs [application programming interfaces] available from emotional AI vendors, such as audEERING, to enhance the user experience”. Read the full article here!

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