VocEmoApI presented to affective computing industry leaders

vocemoapiAt the Vorhoelzer Forum in Munich, audEERING presented the results of the EC-funded VocEmoApI project to industry leaders in the affective computing area. VocEmoApI is a first-of-its-kind emotion recognition approach that is based on the appraisal theory and does not require large amounts of training data. The event featured a demo session during which participants were encouraged to get emotional and could experience the VocEmoApI emotion recognition technology. After keynote talks by audEERING CEO Prof. Björn Schuller and emotion research pioneer Prof. Klaus Scherer, usecases for next-generation speech emotion recognition were addressed in a panel discussion featuring Anja Dieckmann (GfK Verein), Gawain Morrison (Sensum), Felix Burkhardt (Deutsche Telekom), Martin Heckmann (Honda Research Institute Europe), and Jürg Schleier (Spitch). Thanks to everyone who joined!


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